The Covid Cartoons


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     It's no secret among my friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, followers, and etc. that I take the covid pandemic seriously. I follow actual data and read peer-reviewed articles from verified scientific sources, I observe, I talk with the affected. I also fall into the category of "the vulnerable", much more so than my husband but not as much so as my adult kid, who has severe post-viral neurological issues and presumed long covid. We live in the Netherlands, where the official government policy is that covid is over and also here to stay, that herd immunity and hybrid immunity exist but people with underlying conditions should "just stay home", that people who do not contribute by working are not happy anyway so protecting them (us) is the same as prolonging suffering. There are no public health protections here anymore, people like me who continue to "believe in" the dangers posed by this little-understood level-3 biohazard are openly harassed, PCR tests are only available by paying a commercial lab through the nose, masks and air filtration are completely absent in healthcare settings (even specialists in the hospitals have to be begged to put on a mask), and so on.

 A while back I started rage-cartooning about the hypocrisies, cruelties, and overall apathies afflicting society during this terribly trying time. Here they are for you, individually and as a book. I encourage you to download and share the individual cartoons or the book itself: the point to this is to spread awareness and to bring the comfort of solidarity to those out there still fighting the good fight. Each cartoon is a link; just click on one to get it.

     These are entirely free. I want them to reach a wider audience, I want to get them out there into the world, hopefully to make some kind of difference somewhere. That said, if you would like to support my family (three disabled folks on two very low disability pensions just trying to stay scraping along) we would be immensely grateful; donations can be made by clicking here: and I also have a Patreon page and you can browse my photography at



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